Student teachers reported threats posted by on May 3, 2012
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Several students enrolled in the sixth year at the Technical College Flores Professional (CTP) reported threats from a teacher and a professor of accounting at that institution located in San Joaquin de Flores Heredia.

Precisely because of this situation, several sixth graders decided to close the school today in protest against the situation they are going. did talk to one of the CTP students who asked to reserve its name, said that both teachers even charge money for points of note or threaten to take away points.

“They (teachers) we were charged for points and disrespect us laugh in the face of us, and threaten us because of the three sections we could not join us today because one of the teachers told them that if we supported was going to fail, “said the student.

According to this young teachers do not even want to stay in the institution and do so only because the Ministry of Education relocated to the CTP of Flores.

“We provide a mediocre education, we are unhappy with them because we do not assign projects, but we do not get the points, we are totally dissatisfied with it,” said the student at TCC.

The student said that even last year signed a letter to these two educators not impartieran lessons, however no response even both teachers the “threatened saying that they knew who had signed that letter and that” they would take against represar√≠as these students. ”

She also said that these teachers had a similar problem last year, however to be removed from office to start the students research the events reported were not to testify so the case was closed.

Upon closing of the institution said today that representatives of the Regional Heredia and a lawyer from the Ministry of Education appeared at the place and told them to undertake the necessary investigations, while they said they could not keep closing the school and asked them ten days to carry out investigations, “if we do not ignore return to close the school and go to the Regional” student completed the Professional Technical College Flores.

Mauricio Obando, Director of the Institution, said he would refer the case by telephone and that was very sensitive and respect the process. However mentioned that the investigation was in the hands of the Regional Residential and are determined what is the most correct to also protect the physical integrity of teachers.

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Gregg Braden – The Holographic Nature of The Universe posted by on April 27, 2012

I have been reading a book on this very subject and will soon have a lot more to say.  In the meantime, here is a great video on this subject from Gregg Braden.


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