Chapter 7: Tourism posted by on July 4, 2012
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NOTE: We have a lot more information to add to this page, but there is a lot of work involved, so we are just re-uploading the previous version of this page for now.  Sorry for any broken links, but we want to get this shole guidebook online ASAP so you have it available now.

Private Tour Operators

Frank Chicas with Frank Chicas Tours 391-2030

For airport Transfers, City Tours, a San Jose taxi (he has 2 legal red taxis!), help  with just about everything.

His rates for Airport Transfers within the Central Valley area are the same as the posted airport taxis & his rates for longer/further transfers are usually lower than  what the airport taxis charge.

He has a 4×4, 2 legal city red taxis (he’s been driving for I think 16-18 years so he KNOWS SJ & his country) & a 12 passenger Tourismo van (a LEGAL & INSURED one.

He speaks GOOD English & is HAPPY to help you learn Spanish), doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs
He can help you with most aspects of touring or moving here, especially if you don’t speak Spanish.

Pet Hotels Near Airport

Irazu Best Western has 2 rooms that allow pets.

Here are some more links:
Small B & B’s and Rural Inns

Costa Rica Innkeepers Association
Available Beds in Alajuela
Rural Tourism Project (REDATUR)


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