Homeschooling is a hot topic, especially among expats, because they are away from their home country, language, and culture, and many are at a loss as to what they should do.

Private, English speaking schools are an answer for many expats living in the Central Valley, because there are many such schools. However, some of them are very expensive. Also, some families have chosen to settle down in remote locations without private schools around.

In the days when most expats were retirees, these issues didn’t often arise, as most were retired. But now, with many people with families making the decision to expatriate, this has become an important issue, especially if you don’t want to send your children to the local public schools.

So, for some expats, there really isn’t much choice. We have endeavored to gather important resources together for you. With the summer just starting in N. America, it would be very wise to start planning for what you are going to do now, before the school year starts again.

You should also check out our resources guide where we have some useful material you can purchase.


San Jose, June 29, 2012

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