With the new school year about to start, smart expat parents are considering their options for the coming year.

Can they afford the high tuition costs of one of the private English speaking schools sor ALL of their children?

Should they send their kids to the local public schools here in Costa Rica?

What about the children going to college later?

Well, you can find some of the answers here, as well as the handy resources below. Don’t get caught in the lurch this year. Get the Facts and figure out NOW what you are going to do this coming year!


Everything You Need to Know About Homeschooling

Scared To Send Your Celebrity Kid To A Normal School? Or Do You Find Regular Schools To Be Too Expensive For Your Pockets? Fret Not! Discover How You Can Successfully Home School Your Child And Make Him At Par With The Other Students…

Finally! You Can Now Instantly Discover Some Highly-Effective Tips And Techniques To Successfully Home School Your Child… Saving You A Lot Of Time And Money… At The Same Time Helping Your Kid Concentrate Other Aspects Of His Life…! Click Here to Learn More

Becoming a Homeschooling Professor

“Give Your Child The Education They Deserve
Right From Your Home, Teach Them More
Than High Paying Private Schools Do”

Learn How To Teach Your Home Schooled Child All Of The
Basics As Well As How To Excel In All Areas Of Learning.
Click Here for Full Details

Homeschooling Mom’s Planner

You are about to learn about successful planning as a homeschooling mom. How did I learn these things? Because I have lived the homeschooling lifestyle for more than 13 years. I admit – I love planning and this habit has paid off in my own life and those of my family. Click here for more details.

Homeschooling ABC’s Course

All around the country, parents are pulling their kids out of school because of the liberal agenda, worldly curriculum, low academic standards, overcrowded classrooms, lack of individualized attention, problems on the playground, harmful peer-pressure, etc.

And private school isn’t necessarily the best solution either.  With skyrocketing tuition fees, more over-crowding and the influx of expelled students from the public school system, parents are realizing that private school doesn’t always solve the problems created by public school shortcomings.  This leaves homeschooling as the best, and perhaps only, acceptable solution for many families. Click here for full details.


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