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Real World Investments – Not BS or Pie in the Sky


Just a few short years ago Costa Rica had a ton of “high yield” investments to choose from. They wouldn’t tell you exactly what they invested in, but those envelopes stuffed with $100 bills every month sure felt good.


Sort of reminds me of the old song “your money for nothin’ and yur chicks for free.”


If we learned anything from these “investment companies,” it was to know what business the company was in and if it made sense. Lots of people come here and put their money into things that they would never dream of doing back home. Some have called it the “sunshine syndrome,” which means that people throw common sense to the wind and put their money down on the table, so to speak.


But there are real opportunities here if you’re willing to look hard, and make sensible decisions and calculated risks. In any real business there is still the possibility of failure, but at least your chances are better than Las Vegas.


Assisted Living Facility


We are currently working on the first of several assisted care facilities in the central valley. This type of project is very sorely needed here, start up costs are low, returns are high, and demand is so great that we expect it to fill up very fast.


For full details see our new website highlighting this by clicking here.



Also, don’t forget to visit our Costa Rica Real Estate site for more exciting opportunities.


Here is a video about investing in Costa Rica.




If you are looking for a great home, check out our Eco Living page, and they also have great vacation packages as well, so check it out.



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