Loans! posted by on June 18, 2014
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At last, real world financing in Costa Rica!

We now have an international contact who is willing to make loans in Costa Rica. While they are primarily real estate and development loans, we can also arrange bank guarantees, import/export loans, factoring, swing loans, etc.

The minimum is generally $5 Million with no maximum, as they have many private investors to draw on. They will even do some joint ventures if they like the project.

Many foreigners here hit a brick wall with the local banks, and end up dealing with local loan sharks or not getting their project funded at all.

All we need is a business plan, executive summary and a few other documents. Letters of commitment are issued very fast since this is private money.

So stop chasing your tail with the local banks, and contact us through the contact form on this site and with any luck we can get you funded!

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