Costa Rican Raw Material Will Be Used In Japanese Cars posted by on April 29, 2012
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Soon Japanese manufactured vehicles will have a little of “pura vida” in them, as the first container of raw materials from Costa Rica left this week for Japan.

The product shipped, made out of shredded plastic from agrochemicals, will be use by Japanese to manufacture car fenders and bumpers.

The initiative is part of an agreement between the Fundación Limpiemos Nuestros Campos (FLNC) and the Japanese firm Transtek.

The raw material is obtained through FLNC programs, part of the Cámara de Insumos Agropecuarios (CIA).

Luis Matarrita Díaz, manager of the FLNC, explained that the plastic used to make other industrial components contributes to environmental conservation.

To increase production, the FLNC hopes to install a new mill in La Garita de Alajuela, which would have the capacity to shred up to two tons of plastic daily.

“This year we expect to exceed the expectations of collecting 180 tons of plastic”, said Matarrita.

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