Ten Tips To Face Record Gasoline Prices In Costa Rica posted by on May 7, 2012
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Ten Tips To Face Record Gasoline Prices In Costa Rica

1. Keep the tires properly inflated. All four times should be the same pressure.

2. Use recommended lubricants.

3. Turn off your engine if you will be stopped for more than a few minutes. Restarting the vehicles uses less fuel that it sitting idling for long periods of time.

4. When driving keep a constant speed. Accelerating and decelerating adds to fuel consumption and leads to added cost.

5. Avoid overloading the vehicle, either of people or goods. Running the vehicle beyond the make and model’s capacity, stresses the engine and consumes more fuel.

6. Turn off your air conditioning. This tip might be somewhat impractical in a hot climate like Costa Rica. However, the air conditioning compressor loads the motor mote and will reduce fuel economy.

7. Drive slower. Yeah right, you say. Obviously it is one thing that is difficult to do. But, it is a proven fct that fast driving increases drag and thus increases fuel consumption.

8. A tip recommended only for experienced drivers is drafting. Obviously, it requires a bit of skill and it’s not exactly recommended, since you should pay attention to the road. However it is probably one of the best “secret” fuel saving tips. This technique is frequently used by race car drivers to gain speed and truck convoys to save fuel. Every car has a certain amount of drag (or wind resistance). This drag, the rolling resistance of your tires and the friction in your engine are the three main causes of reduced efficiency. A car moving through the air causes the air to split around the car and turbulence behind the car. If you drive your car into another cars slipstream, both cars will save fuel (less turbulence). The following car saves the most gasoline.

9. Close your windows. Believe it or not, but opening your windows will increase the turbulences and eventually cost you fuel.

10. Drive less.

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