Leaves & Lizards Adds Equestrian Journeys To Its Costa Rica Horseback Riding Vacations posted by on May 2, 2012
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You can practically see the love for the horses at Leaves & Lizards Cost Rica resort. Debbie is an expat from the United States who made her and her husband’s dream come by developing one of the most wonderful Costa Rica resorts in the Arenal La Fortuna area. Leaves & Lizards now offers multi day and night horseback riding vacations.

Leaves & Lizards has been rated as one of the best choices for a horseback riding vacation in Costa Rica. The love for the horses is visible at the Costa Rica resort and Debbie an expat from the United States ensures that everyone who visits discovers a new depth of the bond that can be felt between the horse and rider. She will will help you choose just the right horse or as Debbie believes “maybe your horse will choose you. In Spanish it is called `Vinculo'; it is an unexplainable bond between two souls”.

The Costa Rican horses, Costarricense de Paso also known as Criollo, are a combination of several Spanish horses (Barb, Andulusian, Arab) and the Peruvian Stepping Horse. This magical combination has created horses with a smooth, comfortable gait. The spirit of the Costa Rican horses will touch your soul. They are fearless, sure footed, hardworking and extremely versatile. The horses at Leaves and Lizards are cared for and trained using natural horsemanship techniques based on the 7 games of Pat Parelli. The range of horses that guest can choose range from the highly spirited Criolla to low key Quarter Horses and anywhere in between. The riding style is Western.

With the addition of multi night horsback riding journeys anyone interested in an adventure vacation Costa Rica experience will not go home disappointed. The multi night horseback riding Costa Rica treks range between 4 – 6 nights. Each trek takes features cantering across rolling hills, through rainforests, fording clear rivers, and trotting down isolated country roads through sleepy villages. Views from the hilltops are breathtaking. The Arenal Volcano dominates the vista, look the other way; you’ll see 3 more volcanoes in the distance and across the Northern plains Lake Nicaragua shimmers on the horizon. One will be sure to spot all sorts of creatures, including curious monkeys (without wings), happy sloths, dozens of species of flamboyant tropical birds, poison dart frogs and maybe even an ocelot or other wild cat. The guides will teach the group about the environment and how the flow of energy works in the complex circle of life in the rainforest.

The horseback riding trek review has been provided by the White Collar Vagabond who has recently featured Leaves and Lizards in their expat life interview series focusing on expatriates in Costa Rica. The interview of expat Debbie and owner of Leaves and Lizards can be seen on WhiteCollarVagabond.com.

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